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Zhongshan KeyWarm HVAC Co., Ltd. (a WOFE) is located in the city of Zhongshan, China – the gas appliance center of the world. By using key product components identical or similar to those used by the world’s top brands, our products are high quality and reliable with competitive prices. We manufacture leading gas infrared heater and gas unit heater products, and are one of the top companies that have defined the national standards for non-household gas fired space heaters in China. KeyWarm is an ISO9001 certified company, and a National High-Tech Enterprise and a honored Specialization and Novelty SME.

KeyWarm’s gas infrared heaters and gas warm air heaters are widely used in the heating of large spaces, outdoor heating, agricultural applications and drying processes. KeyWarm’s products have been widely endorsed by agricultural, industrial and commercial users for their stable performance and high performance-price ratio. Its patented dual positive direct fired heater won the Gold Award for Innovation and Technology at the 2019 China Animal Husbandry Expo for successfully solving critical pain points for winter heating in pig and poultry houses – in particular for cage poultry houses.

KeyWarm assembles gas infrared heating equipment and gas warm air heaters with well-known parts and components. These heaters are distributed across China and all over the world.

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2010-Gas infrared heaters assembled in Zhongshan, China.

2013-Indirect Fired Gas Unit Heater for Industrial&Commercial use developed 

2013-Single Positive Direct Fired Heater developed

2013-ISO9001:2008 Certification

2014-Participated in drafting National Standard of Gas Heater, CT/J 113-2015

2015-Launched world first Dual Positive Direct Fired Heater

2015-Direct Fired Air Curtain developed

2016-Indirect Fired Room Heater developed

2016-Participated in drafting Technical specification for application of gas-fired space heater, T/CECS519-2018 

2016-Member of Engineering branch of China Animal Husbandry Association

2016-Awarded National Hi-Tech Enterprise

2017-Introduction of world first Outdoor dual positive direct fired heater 

2017-Heat Recovery Ventilator for Animal Husbandry developed

2018-Launched Drying and Disinfection System for Africa Fever Disease

2019-Won the Gold Award for Innovation and Technology at the 2019 China Animal Husbandry Expo

2019-Participated in drafting National Standard of Non-household gas fired space heater, GB/T41320-2022

2019-Radiant strips (two-stage and modulating) developed

2020-High pressure cleaning boiler developed 

2021-Indirect fired space heater for poultry industry developed

2022-Gas and Electric Patio Heaters developed and exported to North America

2023-Indirect-fired drum warm air generator developed

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  • One invention patent, 38 utility model patents and 4 appearance patents.
  • ISO9001:2015 certified company
  • National High-tech enterprise
  • Guangdong Province’s Specialization&Novelty SME
  • 3 National standards drafting company
  • Electromechanical installation and construction qualification level III
  • Safety production license
  • Class A tax payer
  • High quality developing enterprise awarded by local government
  • Member of Engineering branch of China Animal Husbandry Association
  • Member of Poultry industry branch of China Animal Husbandry Association
  • Gold Award of China Animal Husbandry Expo
  • Certified by National Gas Appliance Lab
  • Exported products certified by EAC and ETL


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