Industrial Heating Uses

  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Air Hangers
  • Railway Stations
  • Gymnasiums
  • Exhibition Halls


  • Energy-efficient: Saves 30% gas and  50% electricity compared to traditional convection heating.
  • Clean: No air disturbance.
  • Quiet: No noise
  • Safe: Gas pipelines do not enter the interior, with lower requirements for buildling fire safety.



The gas burner generates high-temperature flue gas by burning natural gas or propane. Under the action of the induced draft fan, the flue gas flows along the radiant tube, heating the surface of the radiant tube to a certain temperature. The radiant tube and reflector heat objects or the ground below in the form of infrared radiation, achieving heating effects.

The gas radiant strips consists of the main unit (including the burner,combustion chamber, centrifugal circulation induced draft  fan,etc.), radiant tube,reflector, control system,and other components


  • BP series two-stage or BS series proportional combustion technology
  • Heat-treated aluminized steel radiant tube
  • Three-sided insulationfor the reflector
  • The heat generator can be installed outdoors, ensuring safe combustion,and no need for indoor installation of a gas leak alarm system
  • Installed at the top of the building, not occupying working space
  • High-temperature flue gas recirculation combustion technology
  • Gas and power lines are nstalled outdoors, reducing the building’s fire protection level
  • Combustion uses outside air, with flue exhaust to the outside
  • Intelligent temperature control: single-unit on-site control,
  • PLC multi-unit group control on-site, or remote control (optional)

Heating Power: 

  • Warehouse: 80-110 W/sqm
  • Factory: 120-180 W/sqm

Burner: Two-stage BP burner or modulating BS burner

Radiant strips module (pipe&reflector): Double pipe or single pipe

Controls: Local control or remote control

  • Minimum distances to combustibles must be met, according to the manual.
  • Installation is not recommended in places where there are chlorine products, solvents or explosives, but certain models are suitable for that type of environment.
  • Enough expansion joints should be designed and installed.
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