Agricultural Heating Use

  • Poultry houses


  • No flues are needed in the poultry house, thus no CO2 and no water vapour are released into the poultry house.
  • Low ventilation outside, which saves energy.
  • Save an average of 23% energy costs compared to direct fired space heater
  • Lower down 15% humidity, meaning poultry house remains drier
  • Lowers poultry mortality
  • Easy installation, no need to monitor flue gas in poultry house
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Insurance fee is low
  • Exterior combustion air is preheated by exhaust flue
  • Made with stainless steel



A unit heater is a stand-alone appliance serving to heat a given space and is capable of operating on propane or natural gas.

The equipment usually includes a heat exchanger, through which a fan blows air from the room to be heated. 

  • Natural gas or LPG.
  • Rates 200/270/340 x1,000 Btu/hr or 60/80/100kW
  • Inshot burner makes the combustion more complete with lower CO and NOx.
  • Closed combustion system and specially designed for poultry house
  • Heat exchanger made by aluminized steel or stainless steel pipes.
  • Reliable Direct Spark Ignition.
  • The 12VAC low-voltage ignition controller, specially developed for HVAC industry, all troubleshoots can be easily identified by the indicator lights
  • Safer and reliable low-voltage 24 VAC combination gas valve with 100% shut off.
  • Flameout protection, fan malfunction protection, and overheating protection.
  • Special baffles in the heat exchanger can enhance heat exchange efficiency.

Heating Power (Recommendation only): 

Minimum heating power(kW)=Poultry house volume(m³)*0.07kW/m³

Considering small temperature difference in a poultry house, a typical 100m*12m broiler house needs 400kW thermal input or 4 sets of KWIH100 heaters while 120m*12m broiler house needs 6 sets of KWIH100 heaters.

Here are some criteria to consider in installing the units:

  • Installation height;
  • Positioning;
  • Warm air circulation;
  • Venting: combustion products are usually vented outdoors.

                                       Typical layout of KWIH heaters in a broiler house

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