Agricultural Heating Uses

  • Swine houses
  • Poultry houses


  • Outdoor installation, no gas leak worries
  • No indoor space occupied
  • Biosecurity due to service&repair outdoors
  • Energy saving and temperature even due to circulation air return near ceiling while warm air blown out near the floor
  • Combustion air from outside, no hypoxia or incomplete combustion, no extra ventilation needed



The thermostat calls for heating. Circulation fan starts and the ignition control system starts to ignite and burn. The combustion products is mixed with the heated circulating air to achieve the purpose of heating.

The air heater has an open combustion chamber, which means that all the heat from the combusted gas enters the room, ensuring 100% heater efficiency.

  • World first innovation of direct fired space heater
  • It has two separate blowers, one is combustion blower, another is circulating fan. So combustion air can be drawn in from outside therefore no hypoxia happens.
  • Natural gas or LPG.
  • Rates 100/170/240 x1,000 Btu/hr or 30/50/70kW.
  • The 12VAC low-voltage ignition controller, specially developed for HVAC industry, all troubleshoots can be easily identified by the indicator lights.
  • Safer and reliable low-voltage 24 VAC combination gas valve with 100% shut off.
  • Flameout protection, fan malfunction protection, and overheating protection.
  • Indoors or outdoors installation.
  • Poultry house heating power(kW) =volume(m³)*0.07kW/m³
  • In order to ensure the temperature uniformity of the chicken house, usually 6-8 sets of 50kW heaters are recommeded for the 100m long chicken house, and 8-10 sets of 50kW heaters for the 120m long chicken house.
  • This product is suitable for brooding in poultry houses, and it is particularly effective when installed outdoors in caged chicken houses;

Typical Layout of Outdoor Installation of Dual Positive Space Heater

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